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I often used to grumble about this age-old saying as it carries so much of that old European aristocratic caste vibe.

Yet, I now look at it differently.

Walking around the streets I feel like we have mostly lost the plot. Empty glances into the void of materialism – looking for our place in a world that offers little comfort to the aching heart.

We could say we forgot where our place is in life which makes us very “unlucky”.

What is our place, though?

We are part of life, part of nature, part of evolution.

We are an expression of divine creativity – God/Creation/Love/You name it experiencing itself through us and our endless possibilities of expression.

We are cosmic giants of biblical proportion. Yet we live life like midgets in an earth hole.

Let’s do our best to reconnect with our place in the grand scheme of things – reclaim our birthright as sons and daughters of all there is.

Let’s rejoice in our inner light, that carries so much wisdom and power yet we rarely use it.

Instead of allowing us to get trapped in hate, war and get ever more isolated let’s jump the other direction:

Let’s reconnect with humanity through reconnecting with ourselves – with that truly incredible spark of Light and Love within us.

“Oh …what a wonderful world that would be”

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