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Do you want to wake up feeling vibrant, healthy, and motivated again?

Full of energy – physically, mentally and emotionally – to live, laugh and love – to create and share your gift with the world?

Yet somehow deep inside you feel empty, sick and out of alignment when it comes to your own health and innermost wellbeing?
You feel like the gap between your life and YOU is increasing day by day? BUT YOU KNOW YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF?

If your answer is YES I can help you. The time has come to ReClaim YOUR LIFE and heal yourself!

End the mental and emotional loop now and unleash your self-healing powers!


Maybe you have tried a lot of different routines, products, courses, books and techniques but somehow nothing has made a difference.

My name is Sascha Rossaint and I help people to unleash their Self-Healing powers so they can let go of everything that makes them sick and reach new levels of health, purpose and fulfillment.

We all carry so much mental, emotional and physical “trash”, trauma and suffering … but we don’t have to!

There is a divine light in each one of us holding an infinite potential of Love, Joy and Abundance. It is waiting to break through and shine into your life, heal you and manifest itself into YOUR life and YOUR body.

You feel it and I do, too. But we live in this “dark” world in which no one seems to love us and deep inside we feel alone and trapped in a seemingly meaningless never-ending cycle. The only way to release our inner pressure and to find relief is through “material drugs” – anything that gives us the illusion of warmth and love: success, relationships, food, real drugs …

The scary thing is the more we escape into our love-replacement-addictions the stronger our feeling of isolation and hurt gets!

Are you with me?

What is holding us back from healing and being who we truly are?

We are deeply conditioned into believing we deserve to suffer and that we have to prove our worthiness.

It’s a deep sense of lacking love inside causing us to hurt and go into denial of our pain and then overcompensate it with our worldly “addictions”. The more we do this the emptier we feel. 

For most of us it began many lifetimes ago and manifested itself again in our current lifetime’s childhood. We don’t experience the Love we crave for and often develop mechanisms of self-punishment paving the way for a  codependent relationship with the world around us.

… until the bubble bursts and we either get sick, experience something traumatic or just feel completely burnt out lacking more and more purpose and fulfillment in our lives even though maybe on a superficial level all looks fine.

And deep inside we might even feel we deserve it! We are lost.

The reality is that we don’t love ourselves and that lack of self-love manifests itself in all kinds of dis-ease because we are a creative powerhouse! 

It’s a tough concept to get our head around but all the suffering in our life stems from us having forgotten our Divine origin, our innermost truth of Love and Light.

Yes, we are children of God! We are Love made manifest living in denial.

Some time waaaaaaaay back we forgot and because we forgot we began looking for Love outside of ourselves. In relationships, career, etc. and no matter what we do we never feel fulfilled because we never get what we are looking for.

Why? Because it is not out there, it is in us!

It’s time to journey inwards and reconnect with our divine Truth to activate our healing powers.

It’s a journey of physical, mental and emotional detoxification, of letting go and of healing trauma.

It’s a journey of Love, Forgiveness and Radical Acceptance – to allow yourself to BE you.

I am here to help you along the way – at whatever point you currently are – to support you on your healing-path & realign your life to get to new levels of HEALTH, PURPOSE and FULFILLMENT and break free from the cycle.

In my coaching I offer you support in different ways and we choose the tools best suited for your healing journey:









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What you can expect

I am 100% committed to supporting my clients the best I can on their healing journey.

I offer you the essence of the best physical healing and detoxification programs on the planet, the most powerful carefully selected inner exercises, herbal routines, meditations and rituals and the mental and emotional healing practices I have found to heal myself. Most importantly though I hold a space for you. A space in which healing can emerge from within you.

I coach each client respectful of his/her circumstances individually and to the best of my knowledge with utmost clarity.

I will be your holistic coach along the way to help you walk each step as mindfully as necessary and as powerfully as possible.

If you are ready to invest time, energy and money your first step is to book your free call below to find out if I can help you.

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