Most of humanity lives life as if they were to live forever in this current body / identity.

We pursue goals that have no significance beyond death, no or little eternal benefit for our Soul and mostly please our mortal identity.

Then we leave this body and are mostly forgotten within a time span of 10-50 years unless we leave behind a significant trace in human society. That holds true only for a tiny minority, definitely less than 1% of all humanity.

So 99% of us live lives that will soon be forgotten and gone like dust in the wind.

Let’s assume we are part of that 99%.

Given all we accumulated will be gone and our life and name will most likely be forgotten how should we live?

My choice is to remind myself as often as I can to get in touch with my Soul and ask – > what is it you want to experience? What do you want to learn while you have this body here on earth?

All the answers I ever get revolve around learning to create with and from Love.

The essence of this lesson comes in a myriad of shapes in my life and I try to do my best to recognize all those different aspects of my main lesson. i don’t always succeed but I do my best to regroup and bring myself back on track every time I fall.

Why? Because as an eternal being, a child of god there is meaning and purpose in my life.

Meaning and purpose beyond my name and myself as this identity but meaning and purpose as a soul utilizing the canvas of this lifetime to express it’s divinity in a creation of Love.

Once you move your attention away from the identity-I to your soul/divine-I miracles happen.

In fact every moment can turn into a miracle because there is really nothing outside of this moment.

You suddenly find yourself at the forefront of eternal evolution, being a spark of Light that rejoices in every bird chime and every brushstroke and suddenly you realize -> I AM LIFE!