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!! CAUTION – written by a human !!

I don’t know about you but I have been driving or walking around countless times with actual free time on my hand to think and reflect but instead did everything in my subconscious power to avoid entering my own creative head space.

Instead I would look for another podcast to listen to, a couple of posts to scroll through or an article to read. Just to not even remember most of it by the end of the day.

What was happening?

I realized I am addicted to input – constant input!

Soon after that I realized that most of modern humanity has become totally addicted to a never-ending stream of input.

A constant bombardment with audio-visual information – an endless cloud-stream directly to our brain. Keep’em dopamines comin!

We are in the Matrix!

Remember those images of people hooked up to cords?

I am afraid we have become some version of that without fully noticing it.

We have gotten used to be consuming non-stop and that nonstop-consumption has lead to a state of numbness and dullness, emptiness, loneliness, isolation and more importantly a subversion of our abilities as creators.

It has slowly turned us into batteries that feed the corporate system with work-force, energy and money but alienates us from who we really are – CREATORS!

Look around you – how many fresh, motivated, excited and curious young people do you see?

We have created a new breed of humanity that cannot exist without being hooked up to their devices. Transhumanism is happening in front of our eyes.

We are cyborgs already – just that we hold part of ourselves in our hands in the shape of a smartphone instead of having an implant – soon to be changed.

As awaken and self-reflective human beings we should ask ourselves what world we want to live in.

We should do everything in our power to rekindle that creative spirit in ourselves and others.

Get together – TALK – LAUGH – DANCE – CREATE – build real human communities with face-to-face interaction.

Create businesses that offer a true service to humanity, enriching our cultural landscape, adding to who we are and strive to become.

As entrepreneurs we should foster a climate in our organizations in which creativity is encouraged, humane behavior awarded and connection valued .

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