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!! Caution: Written by a human !!

I often ask myself, how the future is going to look like.

Maybe you do, too!

Are we really trodding down a 1984-lane on our way to an AI-controlled dystopia in which performance and efficiency are all that count or are we going to manage utilizing new technologies to our advantage?

We don’t have a good track record when it comes to usage of our most exciting inventions for the benefit of creation, unfortunately!

Are we going to live in a Hunger Games-type world, in which a small minority has access to everything and controls everything (kind of sounds similar to what is happening already, doesn’t it)?

Who knows, but one thing is certain:

The currency of the future will be authenticity.

In an AI-content-flooded world our natural hunger for true human soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart connection will intensify and as technology becomes ever more sophisticated our lives have a tendency to be less and less a reflection of what we long for.

Loneliness, isolation and sadness seem to be ever more prominent in an age of digital ever-connectedness nowadays.

As far as business goes I would say the majority will fall into one of three categories in the future:

1 – those who embed and utilize AI as an integral part of their operations reducing the human part to maximize growth and be able to compete

2 – those who realize the value of true human connection and minimize their AI input

3 – those who try to walk the middle ground

If i had to pick one to invest in or build, it would be one from category 2 – not only because I believe in humanity but because it is my personal preference to slow down, go back to the roots of human-nature-community-existence and reconnect to who we really are rather than alienating ourselves further and further.