“I am being let down. Others only care about themselves, so I will do the same”

I am sure most of you either know this sentiment or have come across it. For most of our western world it’s the default way of re-acting to difficulties in life.

A father who didn’t inherit you what you expected, a sibling who lied to you, a partner who cheated, a business partner who stole money … there are so many examples of situations in which we can choose to react that way.

Yet there IS a choice to be made every time.

I can decide if I choose to be a victim of the world and therefore accept to sacrifice my own values and integrity in becoming “one of them”: Looking out only for my own good, cheating where I can, being harsh, cold-hearted, etc.


I can choose to stand up for what I believe in, choose LOVE, vulnerability and growth.

From an ego-perspective that’s very difficult because we want to cling on to revenge, making things right, etc.

Choosing Love often feels like a defeat to the ego. Yet, it’s a win for the soul. A step towards being more of what we were born to become: Children of God – Children of the Universe, Children of Love.

Every time we choose to go down the route of darkness we neglect who we are.

In a world in which darkness is the default we have to consciously choose “Light” every moment of every day. Especially in the very tough moments.

The more we do this the more we eventually get to experience a kind of FLOW-state. Guided by divine intuition, being where needed, when needed. Having what is needed, when needed.

If you operate a business from within that flow state magic occurs:

competition becomes inspiration
competitors become teachers
customers become family

and the world becomes your oyster!